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La Barbagia

If your stay in Alghero is longer than a few days and you want to discover the real roots of Sardina, you cannot miss a visit to the Barbagia region.

You can either go there by own car but we strongly suggest to join one of the tours organized by the travel agencies so you can fully discover this region.

Orgosolo is a charming town with a beautiful landscape, the historic center characterized by fairly narrow streets surrounded by small houses partly uninhabited. Orgosolo is famous for its murales, paintings with social, political and artistic content, that adorn the facades of buildings and surrounding cliffs. The 200 Murales of Orgosolo are an integral part of the territory and are attracting tourists from all over the world. In addition to the murales, Orgosolo offers a variety of attractions. From the village you can reach the Supramonte of Orgosolo and enjoy a great traditional lunch with the shepherds. Adventure lovers can make a beautiful hike to the Gola Gorroppu, one of the deepest canyons in Europe.



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