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La Pelosa - Stintino

One of the most famous beaches in Italy, as it's called the Caribbean of the Mediterranean Sea, thanks to the white sand an to the low water that contributes to the "swimming-pool" look.

In Summer it is suggested to arrive there early (within 8.30-8.45 AM) to find a parking and a nice place where to put your sun umbrella. It's also better to leave the beach not later than 5 PM to avoid heavy traffic. There are some bars and restaurants along the main street.

It takes around 45 minutes by car to reach the beach in normal traffic conditions. From June to September there's also a daily bus service managed by company SardaBus


La Pelosa is a limited capacity beach. From June 1st to October 31st only 1.500 people per day can access the beach. Reservations to be made in advance at .

The price is € 3,50 for adults while it's free of charge for children under 12 years old.

It's compulsory to use mats under the beach towel to preserve the sand. You can find the mats near the entrance of the b&b.


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