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The "nuraghe" and other archeological sites

Alghero area and the province of Nurra around it , are rich of unique archeological sites that can be visited to discover the mystery of the old civilization that lived in Sardinia before the arrival of Phoenicians, namely between 1900 and 700 BC. among the Iron and Bronze Age

At a few kilometers from the centre of Alghero you can find the nuraghe (a type of megalitic building) of Palmavera and remains of the village that surrounded it.

On the way to Sassari you can visit the Alghelu Ruju necropolis, the largest in Sardinia, dated before the nuragic era, between 1600 and 2800 BC in the Copper Age.

Even more mysterious is the ziqqurat of Monte D'Accoddi, near Porto Torres, dated bewteen 3500 and 4000 BC, much older than the pyramids of Egypt, probably a temple built by the first inhabitants of the island.

The most amazing area though is Monte Baranta, near to Olmedo, where there are remains of a wide Neolitic temple and village dated 2,500 years B.C. . Unfortunately it's not so easy to visit as the lack of funds limit the opening time.

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