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The first I time I visited Alghero in 2004, I immediately felt at home. 
After one week of stay I stopped checking my watch to know the time, as the sun rising and setting was enough.
After two weeks I felt I belonged to this place.
In early 2015,  I decided to move here, leaving my old world made of schedules, meetings and delivery times.
Life is simple in Alghero, as nature gives you the best things you can get, so you don't have to wish for something else. 
Most of you will be here for a limited period of vacation but my advice is to dive not only into the transparent blue sea but also into the philosophy of Sardinian people.
It's not by chance that Sardinians are among the populations that live longer in the world.
Nico - owner of La Mandronia

La Mandronia means "the laziness" in Alghero dialect. Opposite to the common negative meaning that this word has in the other places, here it is considered a positive attitude of a person that doesn't allow stress to overcome him. 

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