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Night life

Alghero night life starts soon at sunset. We suggest you to stroll at the port and the Bastioni (city walls), to enjoy the hues of blue of the sea water. Waiting for dinner, you can have a cocktail or a glass of Torbato or Vermentino wine in one of the bars and then move to one of the many restaurants in the old city, that serve fish or meat.

If you have a car you can also try the restaurants in the countryside just outside the city to taste the traditional Sardinian food.

After dinner another walk in the city will help your digestion and make you enjoy the live music in some bars and the people in the streets. Alghero people are very friendly, especially after a few glasses of Cannonau wine ;-)

For the youngest, and the ones that feel young, there are some disco bar in the old city area and two discos, Il Ruscello and Maden, outside the city, and dance till dawn. Just remember that one of you have to drive the others back, as police controls on alcohol are tight !



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